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Does your company suffer from the top employee revolving door syndrome? Do your best employees leave before you have the chance to benefit from their work? Organizational commitment is not what it was 50 years ago. Companies aren't as loyal to their employees, and employees know this.  Let The Cooper Strategic Group help you to break this cycle. Create a happier, more productive work environment by utilizing our one-on-one and group-based coaching. Our professionals will help you hire the right employees and create clear communication practices to ensure top performance and productivity.

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At The Cooper Strategic Group, it is our goal to help employees and employers to get along better. Using just the right mix of science and practical business experience, we provide relevant suggestions to improve overall satisfaction and productivity. Most issues at work stem from problems with communication. Often times, conflicts can be resolved with simple, direct changes to the way that we approach and interact with others.  Dr. Amy Cooper Hakim is happy to speak at your next organizational meeting or professional speaking engagement.

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Increase your company's performance and productivity with the exceptional management consulting services provided by The Cooper Strategic Group. Based in Boca Raton, Florida, and available to businesses nationwide, we conduct assessments, develop training programs, and offer leadership and employee coaching to enhance communication and overall workplace efficiency. Our sound guidance will help you find, maintain, and effectively utilize the right individuals for the job, while keeping them happy and productive.

Our company was founded on the principle that science and common business sense go hand-in-hand. Our founder, Amy Cooper Hakim, Ph.D., is an industrial-organizational psychology practitioner with extensive experience across industries. As a public speaker, consultant, and author, she applies sound business practices to develop customized solutions that improve the overall communication, productivity, and satisfaction of a workplace.

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It is our goal to help employees and employers to get along better through one-on-one coaching and other services. We arm you and your employees with the skills to effectively handle conflict and communication issues in the workplace while improving overall productivity, satisfaction and work-life balance.

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