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 Amy Cooper Hakim, Ph.D.

For Consulting or Speaking Arrangements,
Call (561) 235-3086

Popular speaking topics include:

  • how to work with a difficult boss, employee, or coworker,
  • how to improve workplace communication,
  • how to be an effective manager,
  • how to provide renowned customer service,
  • how to improve morale in the workplace,
  • work-life balance tips and tricks,
  • effective time management practices,
  • how to resolve conflict at work, and
  • how to bring back happiness to the office.

Dr. Amy’s direct and personable approach makes her a crowd favorite. She customizes each public speaking engagement to meet audience and organizational needs. No crowd is too large or small. In addition to in-person public speaking, Dr. Amy is also available for web-based and telephonic meetings and conferences.

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