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Working with Difficult People

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Hiring Assistance

If you experience high employee turnover, it could be that you aren't hiring the right people. We help determine the skills needed to perform the open position at peak capacity. Then, we help you find the right candidate to do the job. By applying scientific principles with practical business experience, we ensure your first hire is the right hire. Use our targeted assessment process to fill single-person jobs and large-scale recruiting efforts. We also create the best interview questions to ask and help conduct the interview process. Additionally, we provide interview training to your HR and management staff.

Employee Retention

To retain the top talent at your company, your employees need to feel valued. Happy employees are productive. We evaluate your workforce to figure out the best way to retain valuable employees. Our professionals specialize in training and development programs for all levels of positions. We also analyze current talent to determine effective performance management and accountability tactics.

Conflict Resolution

Many conflicting situations stem from poor communication. Our personalized, one-on-one coaching helps you and your employees get to the bottom of workplace conflict so that issues may be resolved through efficient communication practices.

Managerial Skills

Do your managers need a little help in the people skills department? Are subordinates not as happy or productive as management thinks they are? Let our experts help you to analyze your current leadership through interactive discussions and feedback tools.  Personalized and company-specific group-based and one-on-one coaching ensures that management behavior matches executive and stakeholder expectations.

Workplace Environment

Find out what your employees really think about their jobs and your company with our employee opinion surveys. Our surveys ask the right questions to get the answers you need to effectively operate your business. We work with your executive staff to implement the necessary changes to improve employee perception and your bottom line.

Work-Life Balance

To show your employees how much you value them and their time, let our experts help you to institute key work-life balance principles into your organizational culture. Our tips and strategies promote an invigorated approach to a healthy, balanced work and personal life.

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